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Luxurious yachts are the ultimate symbol of power and stature, so it’s no wonder the unveiling of a £5 million superyacht in London drew the attention of the elite earlier this week at the annual Boat Show. Almost 400 vessels will be on display for nine days for both prospective buyers and sailing enthusiasts.

The sleek 92ft vessel is equipped with wrap-around windows for the perfect sea views, a full marble kitchen, luxurious wood-panelled suites and two decks with sun loungers at both the bow and stern. It is the epitome of luxury and comfort with glamorous suites, furnished to a superb level inside as well as multiple sundecks.


The Sunseeker 28 is fitted with all luxurious extras, from designer sofas and a marble kitchen to a dining table and several state-of-the-art bathrooms. In addition it boasts the latest in technology. The total cost of the impressive motoryacht is £4,763,000 excluding VAT.

The nine-day show will see 83 debut boats unveiled to the public with the prices of the superyachts available on display or on application, such as the Princess 88 Motor Yacht. Highlighting some most luxurious new superyachts on the market, the event is expected to draw a lot of attention from both prospective buyers and sailing enthusiasts with a host of big names making an appearance.

Renowned company Sunseeker International has unveiled a range of sumptuous boats – apart from the Sunseeker 28 there is the Sunseeker 75 at the more modest price of £2,162,000. It comes with a lounge and dining area, full kitchen, marble bathroom, three double suites and a twin bed guest cabin to ensure full comfort and relaxation at sea.



The Bombardier Challenger 605 is a superb mid-size private jet, capable of traveling 4,000 nautical miles in a single flight. Its size, capacity and luxurious interior make it a very popular choice amongst the rich and famous.


It can carry up to 13 people at a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet. The model also boasts the latest in avionic technology available – a Dual autopilot with single autothrottle  EFIS/EICAS system with synoptics, Dual FMS-6000 with coupled lateral and vertical navigation system, performance calculations and an Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) to make that flight as smooth and turbulence-free as possible. These latest generation avionics provide smart functionality to further reduce pilot workload and offer peace of mind to the crew on board.

Engines have been optimized with higher thrust to deliver shorter take-off field length as well as extra payload.

With its widebody interior and smart utilization of space, the private jet offers outstanding in-flight experience. The cabin is furnished in a minimalistic and modern way, making the most of the available space with strong and durable materials. The fully redesigned cabin sets new standards of comfort and connectivity, turning your travel into a pleasurable experience.

Its retail price is $27 million, which means it has the cost efficiency of much smaller jets combined with the superior reliability of bigger planes. This jet boasts the lowest-in-class direct operating costs.

The interior design of the Challenger 605 is fully customizable, making the in-flight experience even more personal and comfortable for the passengers. The brand offers a variety of materials and pre-approved designs to create to cater to the aesthetics of its customers. A dedicated team is assigned to every client to see through from start to finish the customization process and ensure they’ve received top quality service and craftsmanship in the creation of their dream aircraft.



New materials are always changing the way timepieces are worn and the statement that they make. With phosphorescence becoming more and more prevalent in everything from clothes to accessories and even cars this Spring it’s no wonder that the new de Grisogono Tondo by Night (priced at £7,200) follows the trend closely.

With its intricately illuminated diamond dials it creates a staggering glow effect in the dark – one that is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows. In addition it boasts the remarkable pearly photoluminescent composite fibreglass technology, where the addition of minute particles of mother-of-pearl enhances the inherent luminosity. It comes in a variety of eye-catching colours and is fully customizable for a nice personal touch.

The contemporary watch is lighter, stronger and exhibits considerably less friction and improve efficiency thanks to the state-of-the-art materials used in its making. The piece is water-resistant and can withstand depth of up to 30m. Illuminated from the inside, the sophisticated movement has been intricately developed to display a gem-set oscillating rotor on the dial. The innovative PLF (photoluminescent composite fibreglass) technology allows for a longer, brighter glow – day and night.

With its signature neon bright and cool exterior, the Tondo by Night collection boasts remarkable craftsmanship in addition to its sleek design and luxurious execution. All in all – the ultimate in contemporary accessories.



Delvaux – the oldest fine leather goods company in the world and highly regarded by the Belgian royal family – has freshened and fine-tuned its historic handbags. In reviving its iconic designs the brand has brought in the highly-regarded designer Christina Zeller who has helped develop cult styles for Mochino, Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix and Givenchy. When it comes to bringing the brand out of its slumber the former model was a natural choice.

With a small team of two designers Christina has reinvented some of Delvaux’s most iconic designs – Le Brillant (priced at £12,650). The box-shaped bag is constructed from 64 pieces of leather with concealed seams and an elegant buckle. The more geometric Le Tempête (priced at £9,800)is graceful in an almost austere way with its clean, cut lines. Perfectly balanced in its use of leather and metal – this bad is feminine and sleek, but makes a strong bold statement. Le Madame (priced at £1,400) based on a classic 1977 style has introduced some nice changes in the design with chunkier metal clasps and more feminine shapes.

The biggest advantage of bringing on board such a talented designer has to be the amazing array of vivid colours Zeller has introduced that range from warm sunny yellow to hot pink and spring green. Some bags demonstrate a bold eclectic mixture of different leather – plain and exotic skins complementing each other in an eye-catching way.

One of the products worth mentioning are the sublime mini versions that start at £1,400 of each style and are sold under the line Temptation.



Next month will see Macau as the proud host of the celebrated watch exhibition that introduces high jewellery into its exceptional mix. Guests will be able to marvel at the world’s most exclusive, exquisite and expensive watches – and now, for the first time, high jewellery –until Sunday February 15 in the Masters of Time exhibition.

Organised by the DFS Group, a dynamic Hong Kong-based company (and part of LVMH), masters of Time has pioneered the concept of “travel retail” – shopping specifically aimed at travellers. Expertly curated the event brings together 400 exceptional watches from 40 brands, including Breguet, Bulgari, Franck Muller, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Hermès, Zenith, Panerai and Jacquet Droz. This year will see, for the first time, the introduction of a separate section in the exhibition: high jewellery. Glamorous, diamond-set jewels include a classic suite by Tiffany & Co for $12.500, pieces from Chopard’s Red Carpet collection, Bulgari’s glittering Diva diamond suite and many more with prices available on request.

The horological masterpieces showcased at the Masters of Time exhibit are truly the latest in mechanical wizardry, representing a staggering blend of class and elegance. It’s a whirlwind of luxury and technological wonder – from the $70,000 lavishly diamond-paved versions of Jaeger LeCoultre’s Rendez Vous to the staggering $1.1 million Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Quatuor – the first ever watch that boasts four spring balances and five differentials – there are truly impressive timepieces to marvel at.

The $333,000 Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Planetarium Poetic Complication is an astonishing astronomical wonder while the sweet and delicate Christophe Claret’s Margot watch, price at $223,000 with its diamond-rimmed dial animated at the push of a button by the falling petals of a daisy.

The exhibition offers stellar coverage of the global luxury brands.



For a winter season filled with warm sunny rays, luxury and relaxation – stars and millionaires alike take advantage of the remote wilderness and unimaginable comfort of Bora Bora. Nestled on a private island with superb ocean views and its very own spot for whale-watching, the beautiful villa even boats a private beach.



Five independent suites, each one bursting with its own individual character make for plenty of room for a party of up to 10 people, and it only costs £72,000 a week ($108,866). All suites provide an intimate setting as they are surrounded by unparalleled peace and quiet, with terraces facing the lagoon and the amazing opportunity to enjoy your own private beach. Apart from the spectacular views, the suites are bright and airy, with exquisite marble floors and classy bed linen.

The Alohilani villa also offers high-end technology gadgetry for entertainment, as well as the best broadband connection on the island. It is an immaculate, spacious estate, gated and secluded, beautifully appointed and superbly furnished.

An infinity pool leads out into the crystal clear blue sea to provide a truly idyllic experience. The kitchen is fully equipped and all of the rooms are bright and spacious, making it a secluded paradise.



Self-described as ‘a powerful blend of cutting-edge technology, stylish design and the finest materials’ the new Signature Touch line by Vertu is a remarkable piece. Its crisp, clean aesthetic is the first thing that draws the attention, but its functionality and high performance are also worth mentioning.


This extraordinary smartphone of a new generation has been developed in a close collaboration with Bentley, and is a fine example of British luxury and meticulous craftsmanship.  Effortless luxury and exceptional technology meet to bring to life the ultra-premium smartphone with the winning blend of beauty and extraordinary functionality.


Apart from being an unmistakable statement piece, the Signature Touch is packed with powerful technology, such as global 4G connectivity, rigorously tested with Bang & Olufsen; superior Dolby® Digital Plus sound reproduction; 13-megapiel sensor with dual LED flash and a lens of virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal tuned with Hasselblad; 4.7” full-HD display, with 473 pixels per inch; robust case made of Grade 5 titanium alloy and a HD screen made from virtually scratch-proof sapphire.  The smartphone is shaped for comfort, delivering exceptional speed, effortless browsing and multi-tasking with the latest version of the Android platform.


Each phone is rigorously tested to ensure it gives uncompromising toughness, the Signature Touch boasts unmatched connectivity, improved battery performance and console-quality gaming graphics. The line features a variety of choices like the sharp Pure Jet Leather for €9,900.00, the simpler Jet Calf for €7,900.00 or the uncompromising Pure Jet Red Gold for €16,900.00 – all made from high-quality leather and crafted to perfection. Customers are also welcomed to explore the personalized made-to-order option and leave their personal touch on the piece to truly boast their individuality.


A wide variety of sophisticated colours, high-quality leathers and meticulous craftsmanship ensures your experience with Vertu is unique and in keeping with your core values.



New York-based conceptual artist Barbara Bloom’s limited-edition cigar boxes are exquisitely-designed and practical at the same time. Inspired by the silver version gifted to the father of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud by a patient in the far-away 1903, the set features 15 sleek boxes (9in x 6in x 3-1/4in). Each is a testament to her talent as an artist and designer as it displays a staggering blend of style, attention to detail and minimalistic beauty. All boxes are handcrafted, using the finest in silver and polished wood.

Apart from the fine craftsmanship, another detail worth mentioning are the witty inscriptions Bloom features on the boxes for a humorous twist. Her personal edition displays the words “Sometimes an inscription is just an inscription” in a nod to Freud’s famous statement “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.
When asked the designer says she discovered Freud’s original case in the archives of New York’s Jewish Museum while working on the installation of her As It Were…So to Speak: A Museum Collection in Dialogue with Barbara Bloomexhibition in 2013, and was instantly drawn to its aesthetics, inscription – “Christmas, 1903”.
Inspired by his deep love for cigars as well as the subliminal, Bloom embarked on a venture to create something truly significant that could serve both as a holiday gift as well as an aesthetically pleasing accessory. They sell for$2,500 each and present a unique opportunity to own or gift something exquisite, inspired by an icon.



The member of the Ghost family is the essence of Rolls-Royce in its simplest, purest form – it’s basically class incarnate. Dramatic and graceful, the unique blend of cutting-edge technology and luxurious design creates the ultimate dynamic drive. In the true style of the brand the extension of their Ghost series is a powerful, yet subtle automobile that retains the BMW-derived, 563bhp, 12-cylinder, 6.6-litre engine of its predecessor. The main changes are on the aesthetic front and barely visible, although the extra 17 cm of legroom is definitely worth noting.


In terms of technology – the Rolls Royce Ghost II adopts the “satellite-aided transmission” used in the two-door Wraith model for better, smoother navigation. The new slick “infotainment” set-up is controlled by a console-mounted knob with a touchscreen top and is nothing short of impressive. In addition to the on-board wifi and aircraft-style head-up display projected onto the windscreen there is voice-command system to complete the luxurious experience.


The brand has retained the signature, instantly-recognisable shape of the LED headlights, but has accentuated the powerful look of the car with a subtle sculpting of the bumper. In combination with the chrome finishes on the lower grille, the Ghost II boasts a contemporary feel in addition to uncompromising proportion and elegance. A pleasant surprise is the fact that it hasn’t lost speed at the expense of its truck-like 2.6 tonnes and is able to remain unfeasibly fast.


The exquisitely-finished black veneer, seashell leather and lambswool floor mats create an interior that is difficult to be outmatched in luxury and comfort. Every single detail – the folding picnic tables, massage seats, panoramic sunroof and 18-speaker sound system have been tailored specifically to the Ghost’s interior for a superb feel and look.


All in all – it delivers in terms of performance, appearance and driving experience. The retail price hasn’t been announced yet, although the previous model is available for the base price of $250,000, so it’s safe to presume the sequel will put it in the stratosphere of the automotive market.



The Spring season sees a lot of elements from the 1970s being incorporated into the male wardrobes. Rich earthly tones, bold geometric patterns and the revival of the statement shearling coat are making a comeback and being reimagined in fresh ways.

Statement fabrics take centre stage with moleskins and corduroy trousers in eye-catching 1970s colours, such as chocolate brown, dark ochre and deep orange. Separates remain key with cashmere, silk and linen being the predominant fabrics of choice as evidenced by Kiton’s wearable sports jackets.

Amongst British tailors channelling the 1970s it’s worth mentioning Savile Row’s Richard Anderson, in its made-to-order range. Their russet cotton or velvet corduroys (priced at £195) are classy and dapper at the same time with customers being able to choose between the amber corduroy three-piece suit (priced at £1,400; double-breasted version, £1,195), a fawn moleskin two-piece (£1,300) that is casual, and a rust velvet-cord three-piece (from £1,350) that makes an edgy statement. The masculinity of the 1970s shines through in the longer-fitted jackets with broader lapels, high armholes and trousers fuller through the top of the leg.

Elsewhere, Prada’s rich gabardine designs are superb in their retro styling as made evident by a rust suit (£2,190), olive shirt (£535) and a chocolate crepe de Chine scarf (£170), while versions in brown gabardine (£2,175) are worth mentioning too, with their silvery sheen and shawl collars boasting the appeal of vintage eveningwear.


Footwear doesn’t fall behind the current tendencies as evidenced by Jimmy Choo’s ubiquitous elegance that shines through in the new Ronan zip boot (£550) in deep burgundy, brown or black made from high-quality calfskin, or the more robust suede Roger (£650) with dramatic toe-caps.


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